Guided by tangible results We establish and reshape industries by leveraging advanced technology to build successful businesses

NexaQuotient is one of the fastest-growing digital, data, and AI companies in Malaysia.

Whether tackling a new product opportunity, embarking on a multi-year transformation initiative, or addressing a challenging data scenario, we specialize in simplifying complexity into a clear strategy. Our approach emphasizes targeting the right problems and constructing future-proof products, generating value for both end customers and businesses in a matter of weeks, not months.

We are a unique team with comprehensive expertise to build, transform, and scale tech-enabled businesses.

Cloud, AI/ML, deep learning, IoT, APIs, no code… and more buzzwords – yes, we handle it all. However, more importantly, we excel in seamlessly integrating business thinking, creative problem-solving, and elite engineering with swift execution. When you collaborate with our team, you can anticipate the following:


Outstanding software

We provide high-quality and reliable software – no $50,000 PowerPoint presentations or vaporware


Highly skilled people

We hire meticulously and invest in our people to excel in our craft.


Battle-tested process

Having developed over 200 products, we've battle-tested our approach to product development.


Exceeding expectation

We go above and beyond, and even beyond that, for our clients, ensuring we never let them down.


Blazing-fast delivery

We maintain a lean approach, move swiftly, and deliver tangible products in days, not weeks.


Unbeatable ROI

We provide the best time, cost, and value equation to each and every customer.

Empowering small teams to make a significant impact.

We are characterized by our people, passion, and culture. Our commitment goes beyond crafting top-notch software; we are cultivating the best talent in the industry – individuals with the ability to dream, drive, and deliver. Here are the core values that guide our endeavors:

Let’s talk business.

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